thinkartzine (thinkartzine) wrote,

Submission Guidelines

As promised, here are the guidelines for submitting to THiNK Art Zine:

- legal.
- each submission must fit on a 8.5 x 7 page.

- any file type accepted.
- send submissions to thinkartzine[at]

- zine is printed in full color.
- black and white and color is accepted.

- can be of any media, including digital.
- should include a couple of your best works of art that you would like published.
- include your name, contact information, title of your works, and a short biographical paragraph
  about yourself to be featured in the zine.
- remain the property of the artist and the artists has all legal and creative rights to their
   own work.
- can be mailed in for me to scan. If you would like them to be returned, you need to send me a note telling me that, and also provide
   sufficient funds for them to be returned. If you do not, they will be considered as donations to help raise money for the zine.

- in the back of the zine there will be a section to introduce all of the artists featured.
- We will feature a main artist each month, with an interview and additional submissions from them, so send in a lot of works to be
- Everyone who is featured in the zine will get a free copy of the zine, and everyone who submits will get a discounted copy.
- Add this journal or bookmark it so that you can keep up to date with everything. If you would like to be added to the mailing list drop me an     email telling me that you would like to be added.
- I will be submitting mini versions of the zine to The Sampler whenever we have a new issue coming out, so try to get submissions in so 
  they can be considered for the mini zine as well.
- Donations would be greatfully accepted!
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